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For a cost effective way to reinforce your company image, choose from our wide assortment of enhancements.

Add an eye-catching look to your checks and forms. Choose from hundreds of free business logos or create a custom logo for you business. High-impact full-color printed materials are the backbone of successful marketing. We will help you build your brand so that everything from your statioary and bussiness cards to flyers, brochures and postcards tell your company story in a consistent, eye-catching and memorable way. Ordering is easy, quality is unsurpassed and our professional printing services are second to none.

Add a flash of color to get your customers to take notice. Choose from a variety of ink colors to add dynamic impact to your checks. Custom colors are also available

Add a shadow logo and enhance your business image everytime you write a check. Use your company logo or select a unique graphic from one of our standar business designs or we can help you create a company logo.

How to Order Checks

You can mail, email or fax us a sample check. Or order by phone or on-line. Checks include six areas of imprinting at no additional charge.

  • Your name or company name, address and phone number at top left
  • Your Bank Name. Your bank will provide artwork for their imprint.
  • Consectutive Numbering at top right
  • MICR check numbr, routing number and account number
Consecutive numbering is included in the MICR encoding. A second signature line or other wording in the signature area is available on most checks. Choose a start number. If a starting number is not provided 1001 will be used.

Our standard checks include security features that meet or exceed industry guidelines. Warning Box Lists security features incorporated into the check. Original Document Screen Makes the check difficult to copy or scan. Mobile/Remote Deposit Reminder Track and date deposits made via mobile device to prevent depositing checks twice. Padlock Icon This industry standard warns potential criminals that the check has protective features. UV Dull Paper Specially formulated paper looks differant from standard paper under ultraviolet light. Discourages duplication. Erasure Protection Attempts to alter check information bt erasure may produce white marks in the background pattern. Chemically Sensitive Paper Stains or spots may appear when attempts are made to chemically alter printed information. Also included is toner adhesion and check background pattern. Microprint Borders or Microprint Signature Line The signature line or border contain small type that is only visable under magnification. If the check is copied or scanned, the lines become jagged.

High Security Check Features
Maximize protection. Get peace of mind, High Security protection for only pennies more per check.

High Security Background Colors Copiers and scanners cannot duplicate these background colors. Intricate Design Border Intricately designed border is difficult to reproduce. Thermochromic Ink Disappears when heat is applied. Chemical Wash Area Chemical alteration attempts result in speckling or stains in this lock area. Foil Hologram Our multicolored, dimensional foil includes embeded security features and cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners. Anti Copy Technology This feature makes it very difficult to copy a document on the majority of copiers in use today. True Watermark Watermark pressed into the paper can be seen by holding the check up to a light source but cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners. All standard check security features are also included

Most of our laser checks are available in our Herringbone design, in your choice of seven great colors. Herringbone checks feature shaded vouchers. Most laser checks are also available in our Premier designs. Six styles to choose from. Computer Forms are available in traditional Classic style and our Parchment design.

The Traveller Just the right size for briefcase or pocket. Choose from single checks or check with duplicate. Package also includes deposit tickets, vinyl cover and check register.

Custom Envelopes The perfect companion for your custom checks and forms. Make sure your envelopes look every bit as professional as your custom checks and forms. Order matching custom envelopes with your logo displayed in eye catching colors.

Blank Check Stock
Convenience and Simplicity. Our blank check stock is made to the same standards as the base stock used by most bank recommended check printers. Use the same check stock for several accounts. Eliminates the need to change the supply in the printer tray. Only one inventory of checks to manage. Account numbers and other confidential financial institution information are not added until you print the check. Blank check stock costs less and eliminates wasted checks when account numbers change.

Blank Checks are not imprinted. Blank check stock should only be used with software and MICR cartridges which contain magnetic toner. These are required in order to print the entire check.

Check out all of our 3 on a page Checks. A wide selection of formats available. Available in 1 or 2 parts. Security features protect your business. Conveniently punched for 7 ring binder. Choose from eight Premier Designs or five safety paper styles. Standard and High Security.
  • Multipurpose
  • Checks with Vouchers
  • Checks with empty vouchers
  • Counter Signature Checks
  • Payroll Dual Purpose Checks
  • Payroll Maximum Deductions Checks
  • Salaried Payroll Master Checks
  • Hourly Payroll Master Checks
  • Voucher Stub Checks
  • Deskbook Style Checks

EZShield Identity Crime Protection
With up to $25,000 cash advancement within 72 hours, EZShield Check Fraud Protection helps keep your business up and running in defined circumstances of fraud. Forged signatures, forged endorsements, counterfeit checks or check alteration. DO NOT risk the consequences of check fraud.