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Protect Your Checks with EZShield

EZShield works with partners in the financial services, benefits/payroll, insurance and warranty markets to help protect the identity of their consumer and small business customers. The full range of identity and fraud solutions, including check and checking account protection, consumer identity and business security solutions, are offered on a flexible platform and backed by best in class service. This enables EZShield partners to quickly bring to market integrated identity theft and fraud protection solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of their customers

Forged signatures
The program applies to legitimate bank checks that are forged with your signature, as the payer, that results in a debit to your checking account.

Forged endorsements
The program applies to a legitimate check that is endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the designated payee based upon a fraudulent and false endorsement. The program, however, does not apply to a check that bears a legitimate original endorsement that is secondarily fraudulently endorsed.

Altered checks
The program applies to legitimate checks that contain altered information such as the payee name, check amount, or any other alteration that results in an unauthorized debit to your checking account. Check Fraud Protection applies to each box of checks and, therefore, is only available through your check printer.

Important facts about fraud
  • Check fraud is one of the most damaging forms of identity theft
  • In addition to wiping out your account, it can tarnish your credit report
  • Identity theft has topped the list of Federal Trade Commission complaints
  • The average loss per fraud incident is $2,412
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