QR Ordering

qr code ordering and payment processing

Contactless QR code ordering and payment processing

QR codes offer a safe and secure way for your customers to order and pay from their phone. This functionality is integrated with your point of sale system for a seamless experience for both you and your customers. Best of all, you can add this feature to your account for FREE

Contactless ordering and payment experience. Improved effciency for increased table turns. Mobile-friendly menu with easy setup and management. Capture customer emails to build a marketing database. Orders automatically route to the POS system. Available for Shift4 Payments customers for FREE

How it Works

Display your custom QR code on your menu, table tent or placemat. Customer will scan the code with their smartphone and your menu opens in their phone’s web browser. Customer selects the items they want from the menu and completes payment to submit their order. The order is sent to the POS system and prepared as usual. Contact Us for More Information

just scratcheed the ecommerce surface
All In One Package

We have only just scratched the surface. Shift4Shop has everything you need, including shipping, affiliate programs, SaaS hosting and security, unlimited products and categories, frequent software updates, free 24/7/365 U.S.-based support, and more

Shift4Shop has reimagined the eCommerce pricing model. While our competitors charge up to $299 or more per month to host your online store, you can set up a full-featured store with Shift4Shop AT NO CHARGE when you use our payment processing. This isn’t just a free trial or an entry level account. This is a premium account without the premium price

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