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How to go about finding vendors and suppliers. Do I purchase wholesale? Should I drop ship or should I contact the manufacturer directly?

Drop shipping seems appealing for several reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to stock any items. Whenever an order comes in, you simply place the exact same order to the drop shipper and collect the profit based on the difference in selling price and purchase price. There is no inventory, no fulfillment obligations and all you have to do is take orders. Sound like a dream come true? Maybe, maybe not. Profit margins will often be tight and you have to provide customer support for problems that are completely out of your hands. What if the drop shipper makes a mistake with the order or ships the product late or to the wrong address? Even if you manage to find a reliable drop shipper, customer issues will still come up and it will be much harder to deal with them when you don’t have control over your fulfillment.

You are staking the reputation of your business on a 3rd party who may not have your best interest in mind. In most cases, it is easier to become an affiliate rather than drop ship. This way, you are paid and you are done. There are no hassles.

How To Find Dropship Suppliers
For those who are apprehensive about starting a business, drop shipping is also a good way to dip your toes in ecommerce without risking a lot of money. An easy way to find companies willing to drop ship is via a service called Worldwide Brands. Most wholesalers will not want to drop ship for you unless you can demonstrate that you are a legit business that can drive sales. Many vendors don’t openly advertise that they will drop ship, you can sometimes negotiate a drop shipping arrangement if you just ask. Things to keep in mind:
  • A true wholesaler will never charge a monthly fee for the privilege of accessing their catalog of goods, their goal is to sell their product in bulk
  • A true wholesaler will never sell their own products to the end consumer at wholesale prices, a wholesaler’s primary customer is a retail shop and it would go against their best interests to compete with their own customers
Here are two potential tools for you to help you get a fast start at locating suppliers:
US Direct + Inventory Source
DROP SHIPPING MADE EADY WITH WHOLESALE2B - Automate Product Uploads, Sync Inventory, and Orders Processing
Source of Goods is the premier one stop wholesale drop ship platform

Here is a dropshipping plan for your website that is specifically geared toward helping you create an affordable online store from which you can sell dropshipped and/or print-on-demand products. You will instantly get everything you need to connect to your suppliers, list your products, and start selling – plus, tons of the best eCommerce features for promoting and growing your business.

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Contact The Manufacturer
The best way to find a true dropship supplier is to simply call the manufacturer and ask for a list of wholesale distributors. Then you contact the distributor directly and ask them if they are willing to dropship. Most distributors carry a wide variety of products from a number of different manufacturers. It is often much more efficient to find your suppliers at a tradeshow. Most tradeshows (at least in the US) are 100 per cent free as long as you have a business license. As a result, you have nothing to lose for attending. Most major cities have wholesale tradeshows many times per year in a variety of niches. Wholesale directories are a great way to brainstorm and find vendors immediately. A good one is WorldWide Brands.

If you are able to find quality dropship suppliers, then dropshipping is extremely attractive because you can run your business from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. You can use dropshipping as a stepping stone to get started and then transition to more lucrative business models when you are ready. Affilaite marketing can be a great help to you while you are building your drop ship program. It gets you started online and shows a potential wholesaler that you are serious about building your online business.

affiliate marketing platform

inventory source
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