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All the benefits of a paper check, all in one fast, easy, low cost digital solution
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The only paper check based system that delivers payments digitally

All the benefits of a paper check, all in one fast, easy, low-cost digital solution. Make payments anytime, from anywhere. Receive payments however you choose. DPX gives both sender and receiver more payment flexibility than ever before while eliminating the need for the sharing of sensitive data. Pay from the office, from home, from anywhere in just a few clicks or taps. Recipients can then choose how to receive each payment (print from home and deposit in branch or by using mobile deposit; direct deposit or deposit to PayPal.) All you need to send a payment through DPX is an email address. No email address? No problem! Our Print+Mail solution will create, print and mail high security checks on your behalf. DPX integrates seamlessly into most current AP processes, giving you various methods for creating payments including through the platform, by importing. CSV files, utilizing our QuickBooks integration or using an API for high volumes of payments. Whether you are an enterprise customer, financial institution, small business ot no profit. DPX has the versatility to benefit any business of any size.

Process payments at the speed of email
Pay by check using email. All the benefits of paper checks, only faster. Hold on to cash until the day a payment is due, without building in time for the mail to be delivered. No more trips to the post office or rush courier fees. Get our patented security features, combined with a delivery method that minimizes contact points.

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