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Choose from 12 different check product categories, including personal checks, business manual checks and computer checks. Get proven security features that help detect and deter check alteration, and enable check authentication. Computer checks are compatible with every available accounting software package. All check orders are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your check order, we will reprint your checks or replace them with a similar product.

Custom printing available ̵ High Security business checks ̵ Compatible accessories
Use your checks to promote your unique company branding. Stay a step ahead of criminals with security features like holograms, microprint, heat reactive ink, chemical wash detection and original document back patterns. Get everything you need to make writing and sending checks as easy as possible, from binders to envelopes.

How the decline rate of checks has changed
Checks are evolving as security concerns grow. To make checks safer than ever, we have added extra measures like a security square that can’t be copied by printers and personalized MicroPrint. And although payment methods such as PayPal and Venmo have disrupted the check business, research shows that checks are not declining at the fast pace they were around the 2010s.

In fact, our research tells us that roughly 20 billion checks continue to be written each year, conveying over $22 trillion in value — second to the automated clearing house (ACH) network among all payment instruments. By comparison, credit and debit cards support $3 trillion and $2 trillion of value, respectively (as of 2015). So, despite ongoing declines, checks remain an integral component in the overall U.S. payments mix.

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