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Pressure Seal Checks and Forms

Checks and Forms Stock Program
Built In Security Features

Guaranteed to work with all of our mailer equipment models. Checks and forms are available in six fold styles and fraud prevention security features

  • Chemical Stain: Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter
  • Invisble fibers in paper are revealed under black light
  • Microprinting when copied the wording is not readable
  • Padlock Icon: Indicates check meets industry standard security guidelines
  • Screened Check VBack does not reproduce when copied
  • Red Key disappears when subject to heat
  • Toner Adhesion: Prevents erasure and tampering with laser printed data
  • The word Void will appear when photcopied
  • The most popular security border available

Available Imprint Colors

Warm Red
Blue (pms 300)
Green (pms 357)
Brown (pms 471)
Red (pms 185)
Blue (pms 314)
Green (pms 348)
Brown (pms 464)
Orange (pms 151)
Reflex Blue
Pantoe Purple
Brown (pms 175)
Panatone Yellow
Blue (pms 281)
Plum (pms 249)
Grey (pms 423)
Process Blue
Teal (pms 328)
Burgundy (pms 208)

Sizes: 8 1/2 x 11 and 8 1/2 x 14
C-Fold, V-Fold and Z-Fold

The Complete Self Mailer Solution

explore our pressure seal supplies


The PSM 1800 makes pressure seal a viable option for the smallest of offices. Organizations processing as few as 6,500 documents per year can cost justify the 1800


The PSM3000 is an integrated folder/sealer with a processing throughput of 3,000 documents per hour. This affordable desktop solution is a good fit for the small office looking to streamline their document processing.


PSM3000C builds upon the PSM1800 platform with increased speed, duty cycles, and includes a digital counter with manual and batch counting modes


The PSM6000 delivers unparalleled value to the pressure seal market. This value-added folder/sealer includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter - at no additional cost! The duty cycle is perfect for the office that is small today, but will be large tomorrow


The ease of use makes the PSM7000 attractive to mid-sized organizations of all kinds. An impressive 7,000 sheets an hour will satisfy even the tightest of deadlines


Offering an extended 36" conveyor, the PSM10K is ideal for organizations with high-volume output requirements

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