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Get a Domain Name
Get a Domain Name

Find your place online. It begins with a name. Express yourself with a unique domain ending. Tell the world who you are and what you do before anyone even visits your website.

Tips for choosing your domain name:

When it comes to a domain name, less is more. Shorter names are easier to remember and to type, which means users are more likely to find you. It is also easier to stand out when there is less to read

The most popular domain ending or TLD (top-level domain) is .com, but there are now a wide variety of TLDs, ranging from .academy to .coffee to .photography. We offer all domain name endings available. We always suggest a dot com name as it is still considered to be the best and most trustworthy

Use Numbers or dashes in your name
Funny spellings or words that can be spelled different ways
Brand names and trademarks used by other companies. These should never be used in your domain name; trying to do so can lead to legal action and suspension of your domain

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