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Starting is certainly is not as impossible as you might think

It is possible to start a small business without loads of cash backing you up. You could even have as little as $100

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Starting a business is often associated with having a lot of money to invest. This misconception keeps thousands of Americans from taking that first entrepreneurial jump. The truth is that 69% of all USA entrepreneurs start their business from home.

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The main costs incurred by small businesses come under the advertising and marketing umbrella, so your primary focus should be to find a business idea that can either go without those costs or has affordable ways of getting the word out.

Blogging is worth your time. Buyers will make an unplanned purchase after being convinced by quality content. The importance of recognizing how fast the blogging space is growing cannot be ignored.

With websites like the New York Post and BBC dominating Google’s first page, it is important to remember you simply cannot compete with them. Do not try to target topics and keywords that you cannot ever rank for. Focus on a niche that does not have much competition and then create content that is unique. Do not wander from your niche. If you are writing about essential oils and finance at the same time the search engines will stop trusting you almost right away. The search engines are ten times smarter than they were years ago and will take you more seriously if you present yourself as a master of one topic rather than a jack of many.

The cost to start a blog is as low as $60 a year (web hosting and a domain name), but it is the best investment to make if you know what you are doing. Obviously down the line, you may need to invest in services like a good email marketing service, a more expensive hosting package, G Suite, and other tools. But, for the first two years, you are just going to need about $60 for good hosting.

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The freelance business is quickly becoming increasingly profitable. Create a steady source of income by taking on regular freelance work in industries like data entry, web design, outreach, content creation, marketing, and of course freelance writing.

WordPress Developing and Tech Support
As more WordPress websites come online, more tech support is needed. The services of a great WordPress developer are always in short supply. Start off by simply teaching yourself how to use WordPrees and then learn coding.

Private tutoring is one of the fastest growing industries right now. The key in this case is to find something you are an expert on and market yourself using that as your base. Once again do not try to be a jack of all trades. Pick the one thing that you are passionate about and expert at.

Coding is quickly becoming one of the most sought–after skills in the market place. Instead of working for a big corporation, you could take your skills freelance as a freelance programmer.

Start an Onlne Store
Starting an online store could be an immensely profitable venture. If you use an eCommerce platform you can start for as little as $9 a month, the only other expense you need to worry about is procuring products. If you are dropshipping, which is an eCommerce model that involves working with a supplier that stores and ships products for you, then you will not need large amounts of startup capital. If you are procuring products yourself, you will of course need to factor in those costs.

Here are some of the most important steps you will have to take care of if you want to launch an online store:

  • Figure out your niche and what you want to sell
  • Determine how you will get your products.
  • Narrow down a theme for your website
  • Use an eCommerce platform to build your online store
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