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What is eCommerce order fulfillment

It is the process of storing goods, packing orders, and shipping products to buyers. Basically, it covers everything that happens behind the scenes from the time a buyer makes an order until they get it.

Order Fulfillment begins with approving orders from shoppers. Next, it includes sorting your inventory, picking out the products, packing them, labeling them, and finally delivering them to the buyer. This process does not end until the order fulfillment company has successfully shipped the ordered products to the customer

How to you select an order fulfillment company


  • How many warehouses do they operate
  • Size
  • Location
  • Lenght of Contract
Large order fulfillment companies may ask their you to meet a minimum order threshold, so they may not be suitable for smaller stores.

Contract lenght is an issue. A month-to-month plan will allow you to easily switch to a new solution if your circumstances change. However, long-term plans can still be flexible if they include minimal penalties for leaving the arrangement

You also want to investigate the policy for damaged products and delivery mistakes. Several companies include shrinkage and breakage in their contracts. This acts as an insurance deductible. You take charge of losses up to a specific amount, and then the order fulfillment company will begin paying for losses after that amount has been met.

Ask about the services that would be beneficial for your store. Would you want to add your logo. You may also need to combine items with different stock numbers (SKUs) into one package. Not all order fulfillment companies offer these services

A short list of some of the best

At Amazon it is called FBA and brings you access to a giant network of 170 fulfillment centers, which have more than 150 million square feet of warehouse space and 250,000 full-time employees. Ask about how to get your items qualified for prime 2 day delivery.

Amazon requires the following fulfillment fees for standard-sized packages (including picking and packing your products, shipping and handling customer service returns):

  • $2.41 for 10 ounces or less and $2.48 for 10 to 16 ounces. No longer than 15 inches on either side
  • $3.19 for 10 ounces or less, $3.28 for 10 - 16 ounces, $4.76 for 1 to 2 pounds, $5.26 for more than 2 pounds with an extra charge of 38 cents per pound after the first three pounds. No longer than 18 inches on either side
  • An additional fee of 40 cents per product for clothing and 11 cents per product that contain lithium batteries.
  • There is a storage fee of 60 cents per cubic foot for standard packages from January to September and a fee of $2.40 per cubic foot from October to December.
FBA by Amazon is supported by Shift4Shop (3Dcart), making it a convenient choice for most merchants.
Best eCommerce Platform

The company was established in 2013 after the founders began their online photo printing business and figured out they were not content with any of their shipping options. This led them to create ShipBob, a program that implements the eCommerce fulfillment process automatically.

The ShipBob fulfillment network involves warehouses situated in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Most notably, ShipBob provides a 2-Day Express Shipping Program, which helps you meet expectations set by Amazon. Plus, ShipBob also brings plenty of benefits to your store:

  • Management softwate is free. Asimple to use dashboard to track your orders, inventory and shipments.
  • International shipping to more than 200 countries
  • Freight quotes and pallet prep is supported
  • Custom branding for shipping boxes
  • No minimum order valume
  • Multipile item packing is supported

A UK-based fulfillment service provider that partners with any sized businesses.

Huboo takes care of storing, picking, packing, and dispatching your packages automatically when orders arrive, so buyers can receive their orders in a short time and in good condition. The company boasts about grasping what its sellers want. Its team will do the same, abiding by how want your product to be packed and delivered in line with your brand and shipping instructions.

Huboo software integrates with many eCommerce platforms, so it does not matter where you sell. This creates a chance for you to focus on doing what you do best.

Rakuten Super Logistics
Born in 2001. Rakuten Super Logistics ensures 100% order accuracy and 100% order turnaround by the next business day. Plus, the company can offer two-day ground shipping to 98% of the US with its infrastructure. They require an order volume minimum of 250 orders a month, so this might not be a good choice for smaller stores.

eFullfillment Service
A top choice for online businesses just starting out. The company requires no order minimums or long term contracts with competitive pricing for fulfillment and storage. They offer a cross docking service where orders are collected at the warehouse and then instantly shipped out without being stored

Red Stag Fulfillment
A reliable service. If the company does not unload your shipment within 48 hours, it will pay you $50. If thy delivered the wrong product or the wrong number of products, it will fix the mistake, not charge you for the shipment and pay you $50. Plus, Red Stag Fulfillment ensures no shrinkage and takes charge of any damage in its warehouse. This is a perfect option for smaller stores as there are no order minimums and long-term contracts.

Others worthy of mention
  • FreightPros
  • WhiteBox
  • RedHawk Global
  • FedEx Fulfillment
  • Ships-a-Lot
  • Hollingsworth

There is no need for you to hire staff for every task that must be implemented by your online store. That is often not going to be the right option in the long run. There are many third party companies that can save you money and achieve amazing results.

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