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Best Content Delivery Solutions for Speed and Security

Denial of service attacks can overwhelm a website by sending a flood of not wanted traffic bring your web site to a halt. Does your web site load as quickly as it should for visitors. A quality CDN service can be your best choice to enable these protections. Best CDN solutions:

  • Cloudflare was consistently voted the top CDN provider throughout 2020
  • Many of the big-name websites like LinkedIn and Twitter use Akamai as their CDN provider
  • Sucuri’s aim is to clean and protect websites
  • Rackspace has over 20 years of experience in hosting eCommerce websites
CDNs allow your site to load faster no matter where in the world your customers visit from. They use their capacity to offer the ultimate protection against DDoS attacks. And the best CDN solutions offer analytics so you can see exactly how your site has performed.

What is a CDN Service

The traditional way to host a website is to host all the files on one server. This can slow the server as traffic increases. Google uses loading times to rank a webpage in its results. Faster pages get more customers and rank higher.

The CDN solution is to provide a network of servers to hold, share and provide faster content delivery. This is accomplished by sending files to the visitor that are geographically closest to them

Why is CDN Important to Your Website

Your visitors automatically get redirected to other servers when traffic gets too high. The transition is seamless too. No having to click a link to use a faster service. Bandwidth costs are lower because CDNs hold static or cached versions of your files, your hosting server does not need to send them over and over each time they are requested.

Some hackers get paid to bring a site to its knees. If your site is in a highly competitive market don't be surprised to become a target of a DDoS attack. The hacker's aim is to drive traffic to their sponsor, usually one of your competitors. A CDN solution lessens the chances of a DDoS attack by using its large size as an advantage. CDNs are geared for this type of threat and manage them every day. They can stop an attack in as little as 3 seconds.

3dcart for web stores includes Cloudflare CDN at no extra charge on every 3dcart store. If something goes wrong, they are talking to Cloudflare right away to fix issues and stop attcks.

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What Does Cloud Hosting mean for your Website

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