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Flat Poly Mailers
Flat Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are ultra-tough, light-weight and protective. Flat poly mailers are made from a durable, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of co-extruded polyethylene film.

They are constructed with a bottom fold and strong heat sealed sides for superior bursting strength. The pressure sensitive self-seal adhesive closure system is reliable, tamper-evident and easy to use. Poly mailers are ideal for less fragile shipments such as clothing, soft goods, documents, parts, soft toys and pharmaceuticals.

12 x 15 1/2 Mailer - 14 1/2 x 19 Mailer - 19 x 24 Mailer - 6 x 9 Mailer - 9 x 12 Mailer - 10 x 13 Decorative Mailer - All Envelope Mailers

Simple, yet effective, pressure sensitive, tamper-evident seal provides a reliable and convenient closure. Keep products safe throughout the entire shipping process. Multi-layer (co-extruded) polyethylene film with exceptional puncture resistance and tear strength. Effective protection for your documents and valuable products. Enhances business image and customer perception. Side weld heat seals and bottom fold construction offers superior bursting strength. Your contents will remain secure from the point of origin to its destination.

Custom Shopping Bags
Custom Shopping Bags for Retail

Custom shopping bags help your brand stand out against the competition. Choosing custom printed bags is a practical choice for your business and your customers:

Cello Bags - Shoppers - Merchandise Bags - Fabric Bags - Totes - Canabis Bags - Organza Bags - Specialty and Event - Reusable Bags

Shipping and Packaging
Shipping and Packaging

Everything you need to make your shipping, mailing and packaging move smoothly

Mailroom - Envelopes - Boxes - Labels and Seals - Forms - Mailers - Bubble Wrap - Mailing Tissue - Filler Shred

Essential Office Supplies
Office Essentials

Everything you need to make your daily office operations run smoothly.

Money Handling - Portfolios - Stamps - Binders - Forms - File Folders - Storage - Accessories - Corporate Gifts